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We’ll Have You Walking on Air

“Come in and make yourself at home.” How many times have you offered up this phrase to a visitor? A likely answer is: Quite often. But would you feel as confident asking this question if your home weren’t as cozy and clean as you wanted?

Got you thinking, huh?

Don’t let the onset of an uninviting home prevent you from entertaining guests. Always maintain a comfortable home and get peace of mind by joining Excellent Air’s Comfort Club. Our maintenance savings plan offers a multitude of benefits and discounts — all designed to fit your budget.

Comfortable Benefits

As homeowners ourselves, we know how important maintaining a comfortable house at a reasonable budget can be. For this reason, we’ve created savings plans for every life situation.

So, what is our Comfort Club exactly? Simply put, it’s a savings club for loyal customers. Depending on the particular savings plan you choose — options are Gold and Platinum — you will secure benefits all year that might include:

  • Annual system tune-ups
  • Discounts on service fees
  • Discounts on parts, labor, and repairs
  • Annual tune-up reminders
  • Priority service
  • Waiving of warranty fees
  • Filter discounts

Want to be in Our Club?

We are continually adding discounts and savings to our Comfort Club plans. Call us at any time to learn current pricing and discover new coupons and savings that we offer. Our comfort specialists are always on hand to assist you with any services you may need. Call or text us today at 585•889•7840.

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